Hackl , Georg  Nationenerfolge  (not active)
  discipline: Single Men artificial track FIL-Nr.: LGGER10909196601
birthdate:  09.09.66 place of birth:   Berchtesgaden, GER
marital status:   married profession:   soldier
children:   - recidence:    Bischofswiesen
height:   172 cm weight:   79 kg
competing:   since 1977 national team since:    1985
hobbies:    mountain climbing, skiing

photo of Georg  Hackl
Gold European Championships 1988  in Königssee  (GER)
Silver Olympic Winter Games 1988  in Calgary  (CAN)
Gold Overall World Cup 1988/1989
Gold World Championships 1989  in Winterberg  (GER)
1.Place Overall World Cup  1989/1990
Gold European Championships 1990  in Igls  (AUT)
Gold World Championships 1990  in Calgary  (CAN)
2.Place Overall World Cup 1990/1991
Silver World Championships 1991  in Winterberg  (GER)
Gold World Championships team competition 1991  in Winterberg  (GER)
3.Place Overall World Cup 1991/1992
Bronze European Championships 1992  in Winterberg  (GER)
Gold European Championships team competition 1992  in Winterberg  (GER)
Gold Olympic Winter Games 1992  in Albertville  (FRA)
Silver World Championships 1993  in Calgary  (CAN)
Gold World Championships team competition 1993  in Calgary  (CAN)
3.Place Overall World Cup 1993/1994
Silver European Championships 1994  in Königssee  (GER)
Silver European Championships team competition 1994  in Königssee  (GER)
Gold Olympic Winter Games 1994  in Lillehammer  (NOR)
Silver World Championships 1995  in Lillehammer  (NOR)
Gold World Championships team competition 1995  in Lillehammer  (NOR)
3.Place Overall World Cup 1995/1996
Gold European Championships 1996  in Sigulda  (LAT)
Silver World Championships 1996  in Altenberg  (GER)
Silver World Championships team competition 1996  in Altenberg  (GER)
Gold World Championships 1997  in Igls  (AUT)
Silver World Championships team competition 1997  in Igls  (AUT)
Gold Olympic Winter Games 1998  in Nagano  (JPN)
2.Place Overall World Cup 1998/1999
Bronze World Championships team competition 1999  in Königssee  (GER)
Silver European Championships 2000  in Winterberg  (GER)
Gold European Championships team competition 2000  in Winterberg  (GER)
Gold World Champion team competition 2000  in St.Moritz  (SUI)
Bronze World Championshiops 2000  in St.Moritz  (SUI)
2.Place Overall World Cup 2000/2001
Silver World Championships 2001  in Calgary  (CAN)
Gold World Championships team competition 2001  in Calgary  (CAN)
4.Place European Championships 2002  in Altenberg  (GER)
Gold European Championships Team Competition 2002  in Altenberg  (GER)
Silver XIX. Olympic Winter Games 2002  in Salt Lake City  (USA)
2.Place Overall World Cup 2002/2003
16.Place 36th World Championships 2003  in Sigulda  (LAT)
Gold 36th World Championships Team Competition 2003  in Sigulda  (LAT)
2.Place Overall World Cup Standings 2003/2004
Silver 37th World Championships 2004  in Nagano  (JPN)
9.Place 39th European Championships 2004  in Oberhof  (GER)
5.Place Overall Challenge Cup 2004/2005
2.Place Overall World Cup 2004/2005
Silver World Championships 2005  in Park City  (USA)
Gold World Championships (Team) 2005  in Park City  (USA)
12.Place Overall World Cup 2005/2006
7.Place XX. Olympic Winter Games 2006  in Turin  (ITA)