Wendl, Tobias Nationenerfolge
  discipline: Doubles Men (front) artificial track FIL-Nr.: LGGER1606198701
birthdate:  16.06.1987 place of birth:   Aachen
marital status:   single profession:   soldier
children:   - recidence:    Berchtesgaden
height:   183 cm weight:   89 kg
competing:   since 1993 national team since:    2005
hobbies:    motorbike, snowboarding, skiing, guitar

photo of Tobias Wendl
29.Place Viessmann Weltcup 2006/2007
9.Place FIL-World Championships 2007  in Igls  (AUT)
8.Place Challenge Cup 2007/2008
5.Place Viessmann Weltcup 2007/2008
Silver FIL-World Championships 2008  in Oberhof  (GER)
5.Place Challenge Cup 2008/2009
4.Place Viessmann World Cup 2008/2009
7.Place FIL-World Championships 2009  in Lake Placid  (USA)
10.Place Tiscover Challenge Cup 2009/2010
4.Place Viessmann World Cup 2009/2010
Silver FIL European Championships 2010  in Sigulda  (LAT)
1.Place Viessmann World Cup 2010/2011
18.Place FIL-World Championships 2011  in Cesana Pariol  (ITA)
2.Place Viessmann World Cup 2011/2012
4.Place FIL-World Championships 2012  in Altenberg  (GER)
1.Place Viessmann World Cup 2012/2013
Silver FIL European Championships 2013  in Oberhof  (GER)
Gold FIL-World Championships 2013  in Whistler  (CAN)
1.Place Viessmann World Cup 2013/2014
Gold XXII. Olympic Winter Games (Doubles) 2014  in Sochi  (RUS)
Gold XXII. Olympic Winter Games (Team Relay) 2014  in Sochi  (RUS)
Gold Olympic Winter Games 2014  in Sochi  (RUS)
Gold Olympic Winter Games 2014  in Sochi  (RUS)
2.Place Viessmann World Cup 2014/2015
Gold FIL-World Championships 2015  in Sigulda  (LAT)