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FIL Media Guide 2013/2014

The FIL Luge Media Guide 2013/2014 can now be downloaded as a pdf file.

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Natural Tracks

The natural luge track must include at least the following components:

  •  1 left curve
  •  1 right curve
  •  1 sharp bend
  •  1 curve combination
  •  1 straight

The use of cooling systems for the refrigeration of natural tracks is not allowed. Agents and additives which will be used to support the refrigeration of the track's base must be environmentally-friendly in ways, amounts and application forms.

Artificially raised curves are not permitted.

The curves' bottom should be horizontal.

FIL Competitions

World Championships (WM)

in odd numbered years

World Junior Championships (WJM)

in even numbered years

Continental Championships for Women and Men

North American Championships

in even numbered years


Continental Junior Championships

in odd numbered years


Championships and competitions are staged in the following events:

  •  Women`s singles
  •  Men`s - singles
  •  Doubles
  •  Team Competition


*Exception: In case of North American Championships the number of participants is not  restricted.

For championships and international competitions of the FIL athletes must have reached the minimum age (year of the event minus 15).

Competition Runs

Horn Sled


For the results achieved in a World Cup competition, the following points per competition are awarded:

Women / Men / Doubles:



The sled must have two separate runners.
The basic components of the sled are:

  •  2 runners
  •  sling seat and pod seat
  •  2 blades The blades must neither be divided crosswise nor be flexible. The outside  edges of the blades must be rounded.
  •  2 undivided bridges
  • a pair of reigns

Mechanical braking devices are forbidden.

Weight of the sled

The weights stated above are maximum weights and include the attached accessories.

Measurements of the sled