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General News vom 14.04.09  
Canada’s luge athletes find first team sponsor

Five-year contract with „Fast Track Capital“

Calgary (pps) The Canadian Luge Association (CLA) has successfully found the first ever team sponsor in its history. With „Fast Track Capital“ CLA now presented a partner who will support Canada’s luge athletes with an annual sum of 200,000.- Canadian Dollars beyond the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver up to 2014.

„This is truly a thrilling day for our sport in Canada, and it is one that will contribute to ensuring the financial stability of our program beyond 2010“, said CLA Executive Director Tim Farstad at the presentation at Bowness Sportsplex in Calgary. „It's a match made in heaven“ World Championships fourth-placer Alex Gough valued the five-year contract with the investment company from Edmonton.

CLA’s first title sponsorship was landed through a unique campaign. During the Viessmann World Cups in Calgary and Whistler the members of the Canadian national team publicly flaunted the fact that positions on their helmets, sleds and body suits were For Sale.