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General News vom 18.11.11  
“A luge family in the truest sense of the word”

FIL raises funds for Development Program


Altenberg (pps) Against the background of the still growing numbers of new members the International Luge Federation, FIL, decided to raise the funds for its “Development Program” at short notice. “We are still experiencing a strong influx, even on an international level”, FIL President Josef Fendt said at the FIL Media Seminar in Altenberg. “This is the reason why we even further increased our funds for the already extensive Development Programme to almost 600,000 Euros.”


The FIL supports member federations without an own track with two so-called FIL Groups. Thus, about 100 athletes - seniors and young luge talents alike - are given a platform to perform this sport. Additionally, there is a strong solidarity among the different federations and this is further financially supported by the FIL and its “Partner Program”. According to the motto “the strong help the less experienced lugers”, there are, for instance, athletes from Poland, Switzerland and Tonga who train together with the German national team. And within the “Partner Program” Austria has a close cooperation with Norway and Croatia. “We are a luge family in the truest sense of the word”, explained Fendt. By the way, the “Development Program” honors the Olympic Solidarity of the International Olympic Committee, IOC, “to a great extent”, as Fendt further explained.