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General News vom 29.08.08  
FIL President Fendt and Secretary General Romstad visited ChinaDevelopment of luge in China as main target

Beijing/Harbin (FIL) The President of the International Luge Federation (FIL), Josef Fendt (GER), and his Secretary General, Svein Romstad (USA), seized the opportunity of their visit to the Games of the 29th Olymipad in Beijing for several meetings.

In Beijing, Fendt and Romstad met with representatives of the Chinese Ski Association and other influential winter sports organizations in order to discuss potential measures to develop the sport of luge in China.

Subsequently, FIL President Fendt and Secretary General Romstad traveled on to the Chinese city of Harbin. Together with Koji Kuriyama (JPN), the FIL’s Sport Coordinator for Asia, they met with Professor Doctor Zhu Zhi Qiang, Vice President of the Harbin Institute of Physical Education, and Professor Wang from the Shenyang Sports University. Both appeared to be very interested in further developing luge in China. It is even considered to construct a shortened artificial track there. During their stay, Fendt and Romstad were able to inspect a possible site for the construction of this track located approximately 1.5 hours outside Harbin.

Harbin is a candidate city for the hosting of the 2012 Youth Olympic Winter Games. Furthermore, it will be venue of the 2009 Winter Universiad.


From left to right: Koji Kuriyama, Josef Fendt, Professor Doctor Zhu Zhi Qiang, Svein Romstad, Professor Wang