Artificial Track News 04.04.14
Bronze-Medallist Erin Hamlin selected best Female Olympian

Washington D.C. (RWH) The United States Olympic Committee announced the Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games honourees for Best of U.S., a new awards program that recognizes outstanding performances from the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as determined by fan vote. For Olympic sport, luge... [more]

General News 03.04.14
FIL President Fendt confirmed for IOC Commission „Sports and Environment“

Lausanne (RWH) Dr. Thomas Bach, new president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has confirmed Germany’s Josef Fendt, president of the International Luge Federation (FIL), as a member of the IOC commission “Sports and Environment”. This was published by the IOC in a press release in... [more]

Artificial Track News 31.03.14
Double Olympic Champions Andreas Linger and Wolfgang Linger to “draw a silver line”

Vienna (pps) After having claimed the silver medal at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (Russia), Austria’s most successful lugers of all time, double Olympic Champions Andreas (aged 32) and his brother Wolfgang Linger (30), will draw a line under their active luge career. “We both have families... [more]

General News 31.03.14
President of the Polish Luge Federation visits FIL President Fendt

Berchtesgaden (pps) The President of Poland’s Luge Federation, Michal Jasnosz, has paid a visit to the headquarters of the International Luge Federation (FIL) in Berchtesgaden. Among the topics of discussion with FIL President Josef Fendt and Executive Director Christoph Schweiger were the current... [more]

Artificial Track News 26.03.14
German Luge Olympic Champions were awarded "Winterstar" Trophy

Samerberg / Germany (pps) The German Olympic Team Relay Champions Natalie Geisenberger, Felix Loch and the doubles Tobias Wendl-Tobias Arlt were awarded the coveted “Winterstar” Trophy for the best team by the public Bavarian TV station “Bayerisches Fensehen” (BR). The coveted trophy with the snow... [more]

Natural Track News 25.03.14
Marcus Grausam (GER) ends his active career

(es) - After 27 years the German Marcus Grausam ends his natural track luge career. He competed in the World Cup for 21 years and took part in 116 World Cup competitions as well as several European and World Championships. The last stop in his career: the World Cup finals 2014 in Romania. Why he... [more]

Natural Track News 19.03.14
Natural Track Magazine in Eurosport 2

(ck) - The natural track magazine which Alex Tabarelli produced as a summary of the 2013/14 GRM World Cup will be shown next Friday, March 21 2014 at 6.15pm (CET) on Eurosport 2. [more]

General News 18.03.14
Former FIL media officer Harro Esmarch passed away

Oberhof (pps) Harro Esmarch is dead. The long-time media officer of the International Luge Federation (FIL) has passed away at age 84 after a long illness in his adopted home in Thuringia on March 13, 2014. The former editor in charge of the local newspaper “Berchtesgadener Anzeiger” had moved to... [more]

Artificial Track News 17.03.14
Tatjana Ivanova, Pavlichenko and Bogdanov-Medvedev win the Gart-Cup

Sigulda (pps) Concluding the season, the Russian Luge Federation honored the victors of the Leonid-Gart-Cup on the artificially refrigerated track in Sigulda, Latvia.

Winners of the Cup, named after the former president of the Russian Federation who died two years ago, were Tatjana... [more]

General News 07.03.14
FIL Honorary Member Erhardt Feuereiß has passed away

Hagenow/Germany (pps) The International Luge Federation (FIL) mourns the loss of its Honorary Member Erhardt Feuereiß. The former President of the German Sled Sport and Bobsleigh Federation of the GDR (DSBV) passed away on March 4 at the age of 99 in his native city of Hagenow... [more]

Artificial Track News 06.03.14
Martins Rubenis ends his active career

Riga (pps) Latvia’s luger Martins Rubenis, Olympic bronze medalist at the 2006 Winter Games in Turin, has ended his active career. This is what he announced in Riga. Together with Eliza Tiruma and the two brothers Andris and Juris Sics, the 35-year-old recently claimed the bronze medal in the Team... [more]

Sochi 2014 News, Artificial Track News 26.02.14
Olympic Games drew 4.1 billion TV viewers

Sochi (pps) An estimated 4.1 billion spectators all over the world followed the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, in front of their TV screens. This figure was published by the International Olympic Committee, IOC, subsequent to the end of the Games.

The record number of 88.000... [more]

Natural Track News 22.02.14
9th FIL Junior World Championships Vatra Dornei (ROU) - Russia Most Successful Nation in the Junior Championships

Vatra Dornei (ck) - Russia claimed 5 of the possible 12 medals in the four events which had all been finalized today, Saturday. The weather-forecast had warned that it might start raining on Sunday which would have been the final end to the already wet and soft track. However, the track staff had... [more]

Natural Track News 20.02.14
9th FIL Junior World Championships Vatra Dornei (ROU) - Medals for the Generation 20 under on shortened track

Vatra Dornei (ck) - After the World Cup has been held on the „Bucovina“-track and the track workers somehow managed to defeat the warm and wet weather and brought the track in a race-able condition, the problems are starting all over now for the Junior World Championships this coming weekend, which... [more]

Natural Track News 18.02.14
GRM World Cup Vatra Dornei (ROU): Favorites handled difficult conditions well

Vatra Dornei (ck) - It needed skills and also a little bit of luck to succeed in the difficult race after warm weather and rain had made the track soft and bumpy. However, at the end the winners were well experienced athletes. The doubles’ race was started as early as 8.30am and with another win,... [more]