Antoni Stoichkov

Discipline: Single
Type: Natrual Track
Fil-No: LGBUL12507199101

Date of Birth: 25.07.1991
Place of Birth: Sofia
Job: student
Residence: Sofia
Height: 170 cm
Wheight: 65 kg
Hobbys: music, cooking

Overall Performances

7 GRM Group Luge World Cup on Natural Track Doubles 2014/2015
23 GRM Group Luge World Cup on Natural Track Men's Singles 2014/2015
70 World Cup Natural Track Men's Singles 2013/2014
20 World Cup Natural Track Doubles 2013/2014


9 FIL-World Championships RESULTS DOUBLES 2014/2015 in St. Sebastian (AUT)
34 FIL-World Championships Men's Singles 2014/2015 in St. Sebastian (AUT)
31 FIL European Championships Men's Singles 2009/2010 in St. Sebastian (AUT)