Blasbichler, Anton Nationenerfolge  (not active)
  discipline: Single Men natural track
birthdate:  18.02.1972 place of birth:   Brixen
marital status:   married profession:   soldier
children:   3 recidence:    Rodeneck
height:   175 cm weight:   80 kg
competing:   since 1983 national team since:    1989
hobbies:    soccer, cycling, tennis

photo of Anton Blasbichler
3.Place Overall World Cup 1999/2000
Bronze World Championships 2000  in Olang  (ITA)
2.Place Overall World Cup 2000/2001
Gold World Championships 2001  in Stean der Enns  (AUT)
3.Place Overall World Cup 2001/2002
6.Place 19th European Championships 2002  in Frantschach  (ITA)
4.Place Overall World Cup 2002/2003
4.Place 14th World Championships 2003  in Zelezniki  (SLO)
1.Place Overall World Cup 2003/2004
5.Place 20th European Championships 2004  in Hüttau  (AUT)
1.Place Overall World Cup 2004/2005
Gold World Championships 2005  in Latsch  (ITA)
Bronze World Championships (Team) 2005  in Latsch  (ITA)
5.Place Overall World Cup 2005/2006
9.Place 21st European Championships 2006  in Umhausen  (AUT)
8.Place Overall World Cup 2006/2007
12.Place FIL World Championships 2007  in Grande Prairie  (CAN)
6.Place Overall World Cup 2007/2008
Silver FIL European Championships 2008  in Olang  (ITA)
8.Place Overall World Cup 2008/2009
11.Place FIL World Championships 2009  in Moos/Passeier  (ITA)
4.Place Overall World Cup 2009/2010
Bronze FIL European Championships 2010  in St. Sebastian  (AUT)
3.Place Overall World Cup 2010/2011
8.Place FIL World Championships 2011  in Umhausen  (AUT)
Gold FIL World Championships (Team Competition) 2011  in Umhausen  (AUT)
16.Place Overall World Cup 2011/2012
15.Place Overall World Cup 2012/2013
13.Place Overall World Cup 2013/2014
4.Place FIL European Championships 2014  in Umhausen  (AUT)