Armin Zöggeler to stand as Vice President for Technical Affairs at the FIL

Armin Zöggeler

Bratislava (RWH) The Italian winter sports association FISI has nominated record-breaking World Champion Armin Zöggeler as a candidate for the office of Vice President for Technical Affairs at the International Luge Federation (FIL). This information is based on documents distributed by the international sports association ahead of the 66th FIL Congress in Bratislava on 15/16 June 2018.

Zöggeler – who is the only winter sports athlete in the world to have won a medal at six Olympic Games (two gold, one silver and three bronze) – will be standing against Walter Corey of Canada.

Einars Fogelis of Latvia, who currently holds the post, is due to be taking over as Secretary General following the voluntary departure of Svein Romstad (USA).