Austria's luge athletes get off the sled

Nico Gleirscher, Foto: ÖRV/Wilhelm

La Plagne (ÖRV/FIL, 27 March 2023) After eight World Championship medals as well as 14 victories and a total of 37 podium places in the World Cup, Austria's luge athletes ended the season with an intensive test week in La Plagne, France. After Easter, the athletic training and the preparations for the next season will start again.

To quickly get used to the 1992 Olympic track, to collect luge kilometers and to test the material, that was the motto on the last five track days before the ice-free period. Luge on ice will not start again until the beginning of October. The collected data and impressions, which will be followed by tests in the wind tunnel, will now be used for material development and sled construction.

Hackl und Penz, ÖRV/Wilhelm

Parallel to this, general athletic training in Innsbruck and start-specific peaks will determine the schedule for the coming months. The program will be supplemented by deliberate changes of scenery, including training courses at Lake Garda, in Faak or Lanzarote. The official start of the season preparation will be on April 11, 2023. Until then, the protégés of ÖRV head coach Christian Eigentler are not completely free of training, but comparatively in slow gear.

Christian Eigentler (ÖRV head coach):
"In addition to the luge thrill of having to work out a new track, the material tests were clearly in the spotlight in La Plagne. It was important to find out which details we could develop further and how, in order to be able to design the coming months as structurally and effectively as possible. The conditions on site were perfect, the mood was very positive, and now we are consciously taking a rest. After Easter, we will start preparing for the coming season. As far as the World Cup calendar for 2023/2024 is concerned, we would like to see fewer double events and more internationality. We will definitely still seek talks with those responsible on the part of the FIL here."

Selina Egle:

Eigentler und S.Egle, ÖRV/Wilhelm

"Lara competed last year in La Plagne in the junior singles World Cup, on the doubles it was our premiere on this track. It was important to sled as much as possible in the back, the units were absolutely positive. In the two weeks until the official start of training we will do our individual program, at the same time we have to collect energy to be fit for the summer training. We definitely have to improve at the start, especially in the athletic area there is a lot of work waiting for us."

Nico Gleirscher:
"This was also my first time in La Plagne, but by now I have enough experience to quickly find my way around a new track. We first did some runner and suspension tests, then tried a new pot, things have definitely moved on. Now it's a matter of finding a little distance and mentally reviewing the season, in two weeks it already starts again."

Photos: ÖRV/Wilhelm