FIL welcomes Moldova's return to the sport of luge

Moldova Torner and FIL Schweiger

Berchtesgaden (FIL/26 Apr. 2024) On April 25, Dimitri Torner, President of the Winter Sports Association of Moldova, visited the Executive Director of the International Luge Federation (FIL), Christoph Schweiger, at the FIL office in Berchtesgaden.

The main topic of the meeting was the resumption of the cooperation between the Winter Sports Federation of Moldova and the FIL. Together with Petru Bria from the Moldovan Luge Federation, Dimitri Torner presented his initiatives to revitalize winter sports in Moldova and to build a winter sports complex in which luge will play a special role.

"I am confident that young talents from Moldova will soon attend the FIL Luge School, where their compatriot Bogdan Macovei, a former athlete and now an outstanding coach, is successfully working," said Torner.

The next step in the development of luge in Moldova will be a visit of the FIL Leadership to the country to discuss the implementation of the project with the authorities.

FIL Executive Director Christoph Schweiger expressed his optimism: "We believe in success and will support our partners in the realization of further initiatives for the development of winter sports in Moldova.”

"Moldova will be the first country to implement our programs to involve young people in luge. We recognize the potential, appreciate Moldova's role in the development of the FIL and believe in our common success," emphasized Christoph Schweiger after the meeting in Berchtesgaden.

"The FIL is delighted that Moldova is returning to the sport of luge and is looking forward to working together in the future to promote the sport in the region," said FIL President Einars Fogelis.