Nine Viessmann World Cups and the season highlight: the 47th FIL World Championships in Innsbruck

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Atlanta (RWH)  The new luge calendar has just been released. The International Luge Federation (FIL) schedule for winter 2016/2017 includes nine Viessmann World Cups and the season highlight – the 47th World Championships in Innsbruck. The up-and-coming Olympic track in PyeongChang, Korea, is set to stage a Viessmann World Cup for the first time. The schedule has been ratified by the FIL Executive Board in Atlanta, USA.

The luge season will get underway on 26 and 27 November 2016 with the Viessmann World Cup in Winterberg, Germany. The overseas events in Lake Placid (USA), Whistler (CAN), Park City (USA) will all take place before the Christmas break.

Königssee will host the first Viessmann World Cup of 2017, which will also double as the 48th FIL European Championships. Sigulda will host the sixth round of the Viessmann World Cup prior to the season highlight, the 47th FIL World Championships in Innsbruck from 27 to 29 January 2017. After the title battles in Tyrol, the remaining Viessmann World Cups will take place in Oberhof (GER), in PyeongChang (KOR), which also doubles as a trial run for the 2018 Winter Olympics, before the season finale in Altenberg (GER).

Six Viessmann Team Relay World Cups presented by BMW are planned, along with three BMW Sprint World Cups.

The International Luge Federation (FIL) schedule in winter 2016/2017:

1.      Viessmann World Cup                        Winterberg                    GER    26/27 November 2016

2.      Viessmann World Cup                        Lake Placid                   USA    02/03 December 2016

3.      Viessmann World Cup                        Whistler                           CAN    09/10 December 2016

4.      Viessmann World Cup                        Park City                         USA    16/17 December 2016

5.      Viessmann World Cup                        Königssee                     GER    07/08 January 2017
 (*also the 48th FIL European Championships)

6.      Viessmann World Cup                        Sigulda                            LAT      14/15 January 2017

47th FIL World Championships       Innsbruck     AUT    27-29 January 2017

7.   Viessmann World Cup                        Oberhof                           GER    04/05 February 2017

8.   Viessmann World Cup                        PyeongChang           KOR    18/19 February 2017

9.   Viessmann World Cup                        Altenberg                       GER    25/26 February 2017