The FIL tour bus is currently on the road again. The first two stations took FIL group trainer Christina Götschl and her team to Poland and Sweden.

FIL Tourbus Polen

The tour bus crew in Poland

The FIL tour bus was on the road in southern Poland at the beginning of June, via Marcinkowice, Muszyna, Krynica-Zdroj and Pszczyna to Bielsko-Biala. Five intense days awaited the tour bus. In Marcinkowice it is planned to increase the popularity of luge in a school (Władysław Orkan School Complex) and to set up a “luge class” in the near future. The start and the first basics were explained to the children on site and they could practice diligently. After that, the chairman of the jury in the FIL World Cup, Simon Paregger, introduced prospective trainers, active athletes and those interested in luge to a theory course on the subject of luge, materials science, IRO rules and tasks of the International Luge Federation FIL.

On the second day in Muszyna there was a meeting with the mayor of the small town and the vice-president of the Polish Luge Federation Czoch Zbigniew. It was about the planned construction of a natural luge track on the premises of a local tourism pioneer who already operates there two natural luge tracks for tourists.

A memorial service was held in Krynica-Zdroj in honor of the late Presidents of the Polish Luge Federation Michal Janosz and Jan Blonski. There, too, natural track luge was brought closer to the interested public.

In Pszczyna, with the support of the World Cup athletes Klaudia Promny and Julia Plowy, there was great training-session with many young people who were enthusiastic about sports. Everything took place under the guidance of coach Krzysztof Orszulik.

At the beginning of the last day, two school classes were still on the program in Bielsko-Biala. After a short theoretical part, the kids were able to put simple luge-exercises into practice. Then the crew went on to another school where some of the children already had luge experience and all of them immediately started practical training.

Off to Sweden

In mid-June the FIL tour bus was on the road in Sweden. Christina Götschl was accompanied by the now retired World Cup athlete Carmen Planötscher (ITA). On the first day of the camp in Skelleftea, organized by Niclas Bentzer (sports coordinator Swesliding), an extensive theoretical part was on the program, in which the participants were introduced to the basics of natural track luge, the FIL School Winter, the IRO and the FIL in general. In the practical part that followed, after warming up, everything revolved around position training, curve training and start training. At the end there was material knowledge before the day came to an end with team building and a barbecue at the lake.

FIL Tourbus Schweden

All in at the lucecamp in Sweden

The fighting spirit was awakened on the second day: All participants of the lugecamp competed against each other on roller sleds. After the practice run, the two races followed. The victory did not go to the fastest, as usual, but the participant with the smallest time difference in the two runs won.

The awards ceremony was followed by discussions with athletes and members of the participating clubs about future plans for luge on natural track in Sweden.

“It was a great atmosphere and a valuable experience. Poland has big plans and is pursuing big plans. Sweden also wants to build on its successful natural track past. Hopefully we can implement a lot of this together,” tour bus manager Christina Götschl draws a satisfied conclusion.