Solidarity with Ukraine

The military invasion into Ukraine by the Russian and Belarus governments is condemned in the strongest terms by the leadership of the International Luge Federation (FIL). The war being waged against the Ukrainian people is unacceptable and is in stark contrast to all the principles that we, as an international Olympic sports federation, stands for. The very serious and tragic situation in Ukraine is being monitored by the FIL with great concern.

Team Ukraine

The FIL is in regular contact with the Ukraine Luge Federation and will support them with all available resources. The FIL stands with the Ukraine Luge Federation and the people in Ukraine in this difficult time, and will use every opportunity to support the Federation, its athletes, coaches and officials.

In response to the situation in Ukraine, the FIL Executive Board convened an emergency meeting on March 2, 2022, and has therefore taken the following action effective immediately and will last until further notice:

  • The FIL hereby condemns in the strongest terms, the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian and Belarus governments.
  • Russia is ineligible to host any FIL sanctioned events.
  • All Russian athletes, coaches and officials are excluded from all FIL sanctioned events.
  • Russian representatives appointed by the FIL Executive Board to various Commissions and Working Groups are suspended from their positions.
  • The FIL will initiate an investigation into certain derogatory and disturbing social media posts by Russian athletes directed at Ukraine.
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