At the FIL Junior World Cup on the Seiser Alm/Alpe di Siusi (ITA) on Sunday, Fabian Brunner (ITA) prevailed against his teammate Alex Oberhofer (ITA) in a true hundredth thriller. On the other hand, there were maiden victories in the doubles and in the women's singles.

Seiser Alm/Alpe di Siusi (FIL/20.01.2023) Jenny Castiglioni (ITA) was already in top form a week ago at the World Cup in Jaufental (ITA) with fifth place. Now the 17-year-old from Partschins/Parcines (ITA) has reason to celebrate again: Castiglioni celebrated her first victory in the Junior World Cup with the best time in both runs in 1:05:05 minutes. Tina Stuffer (ITA) follows in second place, 0.45 seconds behind, ahead of Sarah Schiller (GER/+0.79 seconds). The previous leader in the overall World Cup, Riccarda Ruetz (AUT), did not finish and lost important points. While Castiglioni (255 points) and Stuffer (230) took the lead in the overall standings, the junior world champion slipped down to third place with 200 points.

JWC Seiser Alm 2023

(from left) Tina Stuffer (ITA), Jenny Castiglioni (ITA) and Sarah Schiller (GER)

There was a small preliminary decision in the fight for overall victory in the men's singles. Junior world champion Fabian Brunner (ITA) and Alex Oberhofer (ITA) were in the lead after the first run, in the second run Brunner beat Oberhofer by 0.06 seconds and celebrated his second win of the season in the third race in 1:02.85 minutes. Tobias Paur (ITA/+1.14 seconds) completed the home side's triple victory with his first podium finish. In the overall standings, Brunner (285 points) was able to increase this to 30 points compared to Oberhofer (255), a small preliminary decision before the finale in Umhausen in a week.

Seiser Alm JWC 2023 Podium Herren

(from left) Alex Oberhofer (ITA), Fabian Brunner (ITA) and Tobias Paur (ITA)

Tobias Paur/Andreas Hofer (ITA) celebrated their first victory in doubles, ahead of the season's dominators Anton Gruber Genetti/Hannes Unterholzner (ITA/+0.40 seconds) and the junior world champions Matevz Vertelj/Vid Kralj (SLO/+0.95 seconds). Gruber Genetti/Unterholzner lead the overall standings with 285 points, followed by Paur/Hofer (255) and Vertelj/Kralj (225).

Seiser Alm JWC Podium Doppel

(from left) Anton Gruber Genetti/Hannes Unterholzner (ITA), Andreas Hofer/Tobias Paur (ITA) and Matevz Vertelj/Vid Kralj (SLO)

At the finale on January 28th and 29th in Umhausen (AUT) the overall winners will be determined in all three categories before from Februar 3rd to 5th the Junior European Champions will be crowned in Mariazell (AUT).

Junior World Cup Seiser Alm/Alpe di Siusi (ITA)
Top 3 women's singles

1. Jenny Castiglioni (ITA) 1:05.05 minutes
2. Tina Stuffer (ITA) +0.45 seconds
3. Sarah Schiller (GER) +0.79 seconds

Top 3 men's singles
1. Fabian Brunner (ITA) 1:02.85 minutes
2. Alex Oberhofer (ITA) +0.06 seconds
3. Tobias Paur (ITA) +1.14 seconds

Top 3 doubles
1. Tobias Paur/Andreas Hofer (ITA) 33.94 seconds
2. Anton Gruber Genetti/Hannes Unterholzner (ITA) +0.40
3. Matevz Vertelj/Vid Kralj (SLO) +0.95