[Translate to Deutsch:] Lillehammer (pps) It’s a new chapter in the never-ending duel between the doubles teams of Germany and Austria: At the season opener of the Viessmann Luge World Cup series in Lillehammer, Norway, it was again a doubles team from one of the two countries that celebrated its 30th victory. In the end, World Champions Tobias Wendl-Tobias Arlt took the podium’s top spot on the luge track of the 1994 Olympic Games. Earning their 18th individual victory the defending overall Viessmann Luge World Cup winners defeated their team-mates and current European Champions Toni Eggert-Sascha Benecken (Germany) to second place. Austria’s two-time Olympic Champions Andreas Linger-Wolfgang Linger posted a third-place finish.

In their first run Wendl-Arlt improved the 11-year old track record, set by their predecessors Patric Leitner-Alexander Resch (47.829 seconds) on January 18, 2003, clocking a time of 47.655 seconds. During the doubles event, four teams managed to improve the old track record.


Tobias Wendl (GER / 2013 World Champion, overall World Cup winner (2010-2011 and 2012-2013)

“A victory and 100 points to our credit right in the first event of the season – that’s a really good start. It was a bit tough due to the difficult weather conditions. I think that we’ll have to face the same competitors this winter as in the past seasons: Linger-Linger and Eggert-Benecken.”

Toni Eggert (GER / 2012 World runner-up and 2013 European Champion)

“We are happy with the result. It’s absolutely okay, even though we always want to make the top spot of the rostrum. But anyway, a second place at the season’s first race is fine.”

Andreas Linger (AUT / 2006 and 2010 Olympic Champions, 2003, 2011 and 2012 World Champions, 2010 European Champions)

“It’s always good to make it onto the podium. After the long season preparation we’re happy to compete again. After all, we’ve spend some years with summer training sessions…”