Park City. (pps) Germany`s Silke Kraushaar went for her 3rd Victory in the 4th race at the Viessmann Luge World Cup in Park City. The Olympiac Champion 1998 in Nagano won in a total time of one minute 28,853 seconds followed by her teammates Sylke Otto (one minute 28,985), Barabary Niedernhuber (one minute 29,044) and Anke Wischnewski (one minute 29,203). 5th place went to USA`s Ashley Hayden (one minute 29,393). Sylke Otto (355 points) is still in the lead in the overall standings followed by Silke Kraushaar (342), only 13 points behind. On 3rd place ist now Barbara Niedernhuber (225) followed by Austria`s Sonja Manzenreiter (216). Silke Kraushaar (Deutschland / Olympic Champion 1998): „I love to beat the Olympic Champion on the Olympic track. Now I have won three out of four races. It is a pity, that I missed a little bit in Calgary. But it is very close betwen me and Sylke Otto.” Sylke Otto (Deutschland / Olympic Champion 2002): „It is a good sign viewing for to the World Championsships next year on this track. I haven`t won the pre-olmpics, but i won the Gold Medal at the Olympics.“ Barbara Niedernhuber (Deutschland / Olmpic Silver Medalist 1998 and 2002): „The difference between the top and myself is getting closer and closer. I `m very glad about my starting times, now i`m only closely behind Silke Kraushaar. And my new sled ist very good, thanks to Georg Hackl, who helped me a lot.”